Everything in nature works together seamlessly, with nothing going to waste. Finca La Esperanza prides itself on taking a similar approach to their farming practices. Everything that is produced on the farm serves a higher function or purpose, down to the manure that is produced by the farm’s livestock. The cyclical processes utilized by finca La Esperanza produce an exceptional product that is healthy for the environment.

The manure that is produced by livestock on farms poses a large threat to the environment. The waste has the potential to run off into local water supplies or to evaporate into the air, contaminating both entities. Because of this, finca La Esperanza utilizes two separate methods to effectively recycle their livestock waste.

One of these methods is the process of vermiculture, which utilizes California redworms to turn the manure into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Finca La Esperanza also employs a biodigester to convert the liquid waste of their pigs and cows into biogas. The biogas, mainly consisting of methane gas, is utilized in several facets across farm activities. These include pasteurizing milk, sterilizing milking equipment, and cooking food in the farm’s kitchen that serves the staff and visitors. The biogas is also transformed into a bio-fertilizer that is used to help fertilize the farm’s crops.