Our story is what makes us unique—and to us, unique is a good thing. When finca La Esperanza started, sustainable agriculture was unheard of in Costa Rica. But, we were committed to cultivating high-quality produce without harming the environment and we remain passionate about that cause today.

Finca La Esperanza was created with the simple idea that our food should be produced in alignment with the organic rhythms of nature. Food is at the core of who we are as people and at finca La Esperanza, we believe that how food is produced is just as important as how it tastes. We believe that by working within the natural patterns of our animals, crops, and soil that we can produce exemplary products without the potential environmental and health concerns that are associated with chemical and pesticide usage.

In addition to our commitment to producing top-notch, organic products, we are constantly seeking to distribute and share our knowledge of sustainable farming practices with both students and farmers from around the world. We consistently strive to raise awareness of sustainable agriculture and we believe that by continuing to inspire and teach future generations about the benefits of this organic approach to food will only further the potential of sustainable farming.